Facts about animal teeth


Lion teeth

Think of your favorite animal. Now think of your favorite animal’s teeth. Do you know what they are like? Are they big or small? Sharp or dull? Maybe they have rows of teeth or no teeth at all! We know all animals have different types of teeth because of what they eat and animals are put into categories based on their diets.

Carnivores, like lions and tigers, only eat meat. So they need long and sharp canine teeth, but not molars.

Herbivores, likes cows and sheep, only eat plants. They do not have upper incisors because they cut the plants with their lips instead. But each herbivore needs their molars for grinding the mouthfuls of food.

Omnivores, like people, eat both meat and plants. We have teeth that are used for a lot of different foods.

Insectivores, like ant eaters, only eat insects. They have teeth that are square with sharp points.

Now that you know more about different types of animals and their teeth, here are our ten favorite fun facts about different animals and their teeth.

  1. Sharks lose teeth weekly. But they are replaced with new teeth right after!
  2. Elephants have the longest teeth in the world – their tusks!
  3. The T-Rex had more than 60 teeth that could grow up to nine inches long!
  4. The Blue Whale, the largest mammal in the world, doesn’t have any teeth because they only eat small shrimp.
  5. They are hard to see, but Hippos have 40 teeth.
  6. Snails may be tiny, but they have 25,000 teeth, all on their tongues!
  7. Unlike humans, Dolphins only have one set of teeth during a lifetime.
  8. Giraffes have 32 teeth at the back of their head, not the front of their mouth.
  9. Dogs rarely get cavities because their saliva has a high pH level.
  10. Both alligators and crocodiles have hallowed teeth that replace themselves when they fall out. They can have up to 3,000 teeth throughout their lives!

Is your favorite animal listed? If not, with help from an adult, you can research online facts about your favorite animal’s teeth!

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