Don’t forget to brush your tongue!

Girl Brushing Tongue

You know to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. But did you know that you need to brush your tongue as well?

The tongue can be easily forgotten when it comes to oral health care, but our tongue can have just as much bacteria on it as our teeth. That is especially true since bacteria and food particles can hide in the bumps and gaps on our tongue.

Even though tongues can’t get cavities, the bacteria on it can cancel out the hard work you put into brushing your teeth. Ignoring your tongue can also cause halitosis, a fancy name for bad breath.

Every time after you brush your teeth, you should take some time to focus on your tongue. It’s simple! All you have to do is apply a pea size amount of toothpaste to your brush then use the bristles to gently brush up and down then side to side. Being gentle is key, as tongues are sensitive.

Here are some fun facts about the human tongue:

  • If you look at your tongue with a magnifying glass, you can see small bumps known as papillae – which are home to our taste buds.
  • The tongue is the strongest and most sensitive muscle in our entire body.
  • The color of the tongue can tell a lot about a person’s health. For instance, a pink tongue equals good health, a white tongue means there is a fungal infection, and a yellow tongue indicates a fever or other stomach problem.
  • About one third of our tongue is not visible because it is close to our throat.
  • The longest human tongue ever recorded is 3.86 inches!

Next time you brush and floss your teeth, be sure to give your tongue some extra care!