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Hospital Dentistry Specialist

Pediatric Dental Group of New York

Pediatric Dentistry located in Albany, NY & Glens Falls, NY

Most young patients receive pediatric dentistry care at one of the Pediatric Dental Group of New York offices in Schenectady, Albany and Glens Falls, New York. But, what about the cases where a child needs general anesthesia rather than conscious sedation? In those situations, the caring dental practitioners recommend hospital dentistry at a local facility. The experienced dentists practice hospital dentistry for all their patients as needed, so call the office nearest you or click the online booking link.

Hospital Dentistry Q & A

What is hospital dentistry?

Hospital dentistry is a group of dental procedures that the Pediatric Dental Group of New York dentists perform in local hospitals. If your child needs hospital dentistry, they'll generally receive general anesthesia to sleep peacefully through the procedure. 

Depending on the particular procedures and your child's personal needs, they may stay in the hospital for anywhere from a few hours to several days or more.

When might my child need hospital dentistry?

Although the vast majority of childhood dental care occurs in the Pediatric Dental Group of New York offices, there are many situations in which your child might need a hospital setting for their procedures. These cases include:

  • Children who can't stay still for in-office treatment
  • Children who don't respond well to nitrous oxide
  • Children who are currently in the hospital
  • Children with a severe gag reflex
  • Children who need multiple complicated dental procedures

Children with special needs, including those with physical, developmental, sensory, emotional, behavioral, or other types of special needs, may need hospital dentistry in some cases. 

How does hospital dentistry work?

Hospital dentistry experiences are different for every young patient. You'll work with the Pediatric Dental Group of New York team to plan your child's procedure at least a few weeks ahead of the actual appointment. 

Your child may need some tests before their scheduled hospital dentistry appointment, and they'll typically have to fast for at least eight hours before any general anesthesia procedure. 

On the day of the procedure, an experienced medical professional — a pediatric anesthesiologist — administers anesthesia. That puts your child into a peaceful sleep for the duration of the procedure. 

After your child's dentist completes the procedure, the pediatric anesthesiologist reduces and then stops the medication inducing sleep. At that time, your child moves into a recovery room, where they wake up naturally after around 45-60 minutes.

How can I help my child prepare for hospital dentistry?

The Pediatric Dental Group of New York team can recommend some helpful guidelines ahead of time. That may include bringing a treasured soft toy, speaking to your child softly as the anesthesiologist administers anesthesia, maintaining an upbeat attitude, and other simple measures that can help your child become comfortable with the procedure.

For pediatric hospital dentistry, call the Pediatric Dental Group of New York office in your area or click the online booking link.