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Sedation Dentistry Specialist

Pediatric Dental Group of New York

Pediatric Dentistry located in Albany, NY & Glens Falls, NY

Sedation dentistry is all about making your child as comfortable and relaxed as possible, with the lowest risk of side effects after the procedure. At Pediatric Dental Group of New York in Schenectady, Albany and Glens Falls, New York, the group of experienced childhood dentistry providers offers conscious sedation in the office. That means your child remains awake, pain-free, and calm, which can help you relax, too! Book an appointment online or call the office nearest you.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to sedation methods that calm your child during dental appointments. Pediatric Dental Group of New York uses conscious sedation methods to help your child cope with worry and fear around their dental procedures but without the risks of general anesthesia.

When would a child need sedation dentistry?

There are many reasons that children might need sedation dentistry, including:

  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Anxiety or fear regarding dental care
  • Low pain tolerance
  • Mental, behavioral, or physical conditions that prevent sitting still

Sedation dentistry is usually best suited for dental procedures that can cause pain or discomfort, but it may have other applications, too. 

For example, some children are so fearful about dental care that even basic care like teeth cleanings or exams can be near impossible. Conscious sedation can allow those kids to receive their routine and preventive dental care in a stress-free way.

What does conscious sedation dentistry involve?

The experienced dental specialists administer conscious sedation in the office shortly before the procedure. Conscious sedation medications take effect quickly, so your child becomes very relaxed but remains awake enough to communicate with the dentist if they need to. 

There are two main types of conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide

With the most common kind of sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide, your child's dentist delivers a nitrogen-oxygen mixture through a nose mask. Nitrous oxide takes effect within a couple of minutes, bringing a powerful sense of relaxation to your child. 

Your child breathes in the nitrous oxide throughout the procedure, and as the dentist concludes work, they change the gas flow to all-oxygen. Your child becomes fully alert quickly and with little-to-no lingering effects. 

Oral medication

Oral medication is another option for conscious sedation. With this method, your child takes tablets orally shortly before their procedure. Oral medications can bring on a sense of peace and relaxation and possibly mild drowsiness, without making your child fall asleep. 

One big difference between nitrous oxide and oral medication is that oral drugs can linger for a few hours longer than nitrous oxide. 

Other methods of conscious sedation may also be available, so ask the Pediatric Dental Group of New York dental team about which method suits your child best. General anesthesia is also available as a hospital dentistry service.

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