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Teeth Cleaning Specialist

Pediatric Dental Group of New York

Pediatric Dentistry located in Albany, NY & Glens Falls, NY

Teeth cleaning is an important part of preventive dentistry. If your child undergoes professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year, they’re much less likely to experience oral health problems like cavities and gum disease. At Pediatric Dental Group of New York, the team of pediatric dentists offers comprehensive teeth cleaning to children of all ages. To make an appointment for your child at the practice in Schenectady, Albany or Glens Falls, New York, call the nearest office today or schedule online.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a quick, outpatient procedure that removes plaque and tartar from between your child’s teeth and underneath their gum line. 

Teeth cleaning reduces the risk of potentially serious oral health problems while presenting an opportunity to discuss unusual symptoms and learn about proper oral hygiene.

What happens during teeth cleaning?

At Pediatric Dental Group of New York, teeth cleaning involves a multi-step process:

Removal of plaque and tartar

Professional teeth cleaning begins with your child’s provider carefully removing dental plaque and tartar from beneath their gums and teeth. Your child might hear some scraping during this part of the procedure, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Teeth polishing

After removing the plaque and tartar, your child’s provider polishes their teeth with gritty toothpaste. The abrasive nature of the toothpaste eliminates any residual buildup and minimizes the appearance of stains and discoloration.

Professional flossing

Next, your child’s provider conducts a professional flossing. Flossing removes food particles and harmful bacteria from the tiny spaces between your child’s teeth. It also massages the gums, reducing the risk of inflammation and recession.

Fluoride treatment

If your child has sensitive teeth or a history of cavities, the team might recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a mineral found in many foods and natural water sources. When applied to the teeth, it strengthens the enamel, reducing the risk of decay. 

Dental sealants

Some children are more susceptible to cavities than others. If your child’s provider determines they’re at risk of tooth decay, they might recommend sealants. Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings applied to your child’s teeth. They prevent harmful bacteria from eating through the enamel, causing decay.

Does my child need teeth cleaning more than once a year?

Yes. The team at Pediatric Dental Group of New York recommends all children undergo professional teeth cleaning once every six months. 

Many potentially serious oral health problems don’t present obvious symptoms. Regular visits to the dentist present a chance to diagnose and treat them early on.

If your child needs professional teeth cleaning, make an appointment at the Pediatric Dental Group of New York by calling the nearest office today or scheduling online.