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Pediatric Dental Checkup Specialist

Pediatric Dental Group of New York

Pediatric Dentistry located in Albany, NY & Glens Falls, NY

All children should undergo a pediatric dental checkup at least twice a year. These exams can detect potentially serious issues early on while educating your child about the importance of preventive dentistry and good nutrition. At the Pediatric Dental Group of New York, the team of pediatric dentists offers pediatric dental checkups to children of all ages. To make an appointment for your child at the practice in Schenectady, Albany or Glens Falls, New York, call the nearest office today or schedule online.

Pediatric Dental Checkup Q & A

What is a pediatric dental checkup?

A pediatric dental checkup is a routine exam that assesses your child’s oral health. 

During a pediatric dental checkup, your child’s dentist cleans and polishes their teeth, evaluates their risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and takes oral X-rays. If your child frequently experiences cavities, they might also recommend fluoride treatment or the application of dental sealants.

Aside from providing oral health care, a pediatric dental checkup presents an opportunity to educate your child on proper brushing and flossing techniques, good nutrition, and injury prevention. 

What is the purpose of a pediatric dental checkup?

Pediatric dental checkups protect your child’s oral health. They make it easier to detect potentially serious issues early on, when they’re most treatable, and provide insights on maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

When should my child have a pediatric dental checkup?

When your child should have a pediatric dental checkup depends on their age:

Ages six months to one year

Infants should have their first dental exam when their first baby tooth comes in or by the time they turn one year old, whichever comes first. Even if your baby doesn’t have all of their teeth, preventive care matters.

Children and adolescents

The team at the Pediatric Dental Group of New York recommends all children and adolescents undergo a pediatric dental checkup once every six months. If your child has a history of cavities or more serious health problems, more frequent checkups might be necessary.

What happens during a pediatric dental checkup?

The team at the Pediatric Dental Group of New York tailors pediatric dental checkups to each child’s needs. Common procedures include:

  • Evaluating your child’s oral hygiene and dietary habits
  • Removing deposits of plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth
  • Demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Looking for sores, bumps, or oral abscesses
  • Evaluating the impacts of pacifier use or thumb-sucking
  • Taking oral X-rays
  • Repairing cavities or other types of damage

As your child gets older, the team might also provide counseling about the oral health risks associated with tobacco use, drinking soda, and oral piercings. 

If your child needs a pediatric dental checkup, make an appointment at the Pediatric Dental Group of New York by calling the nearest office today or scheduling online.